About us

Oxford Strategic Consulting (OSC) is an Oxford and GCC based consultancy that specialises in building human capital across the GCC and Europe. With teams in Oxford, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Oman and the UAE, our experienced HR Directors, subject matter experts and researchers combine international best-practice with UK and GCC-specific knowledge to conduct human capital research and implement practical and bespoke people solutions.

OSC carries out advanced research and works with major global private and government organisations to help them achieve their key strategic objectives. We combine practical research findings with a deep understanding of strategic capabilities and how they can be created and developed.

Working closely with HR teams, we help companies achieve sustainable competitive advantage through our research-led programmes. To do this, we hand-select our team to ensure they have the right operational experience, consulting skills, hands-on attitude and core values to deliver the quality, practicality and care that our clients expect.

By building long-term client relationships and through extensive research, we have learned the most effective HR and change management techniques, which we help our clients implement in the best way for their organisation. We continually transfer this knowledge to clients during training sessions and by forming joint project teams – a true partnership.

Following successful careers in Management consultancy, IT, academic psychology, and talent management, Professor William Scott-Jackson and Scott Druck formed Oxford Strategic Consulting over 10 years ago in order to make a real difference to the development and value of people and the professionalism of HR itself. In order to make a real difference, OSC would have to:

  1. Challenge best practice and strive for new perspectives and innovation.
  2. Base our advice on credible research.
  3. Build a reputation for trustworthiness, client focus, value and intelligence.


As of 2017, OSC is a major force in the UK and GCC, trusted and acknowledged as expert and practical and competing with many of the top names in global consultancy. International companies see us as not only doing great work but also enhancing their reputations for alignment with national priorities; GCC organisations (including government and family firms) see us as one of the few expert consultancies that truly understands the Gulf culture, identity and values.

We intend to continue this strategy by offering our key services and remaining:

To be the first choice of UK and GCC business leaders for rigorous research and practical, bespoke people solutions.