Bespoke Research

Insight, reputation, profile. What’s your priority? OSC’s bespoke research gives sponsors all three features in one integrated service

Corporations and governments use OSC’s bespoke research to:

  • Gain clear and practical insight into key human capital issues.
  • Build direct contacts with the national and international stakeholders that matter.
  • Grow their reputation for contributing to national priorities
OSC’s research is highly respected by the GCC’s most senior industry and government figures. Our reputation for producing clear, impactful and original thinking together with practical outcomes ensures that our research is keenly read by top-level decision-makers, as well as being widely reported in the media across the GCC. To maximise exposure of our research, OSC regularly organises top-level conferences and Summits, usually with Ministers or Captains of Industry as Patron. The conferences ensure the maximum audience for the research and further build the reputation of the sponsors. Many sponsors use our research to demonstrate commitment to society, show detailed understanding of a topic or simply to cement their authority in a market.
OSC’s unique combination of academic and commercial expertise means that we deliver research to the highest standards while ensuring that we deliver practical outcomes. We have close associations to many leading Universities, including University of Oxford, INSEAD, Qatar University, King Saud University and many others. As such, to complement OSC’s in-house expertise, we draw on the world’s leading experts on a range of human capital, strategy, talent management and learning.
We support this with a range of qualitative and quantitative methods and tools, as well as infographics, design and presentation specialists. This allows us to present insightful research findings in easy-to-understand, visually attractive ways, as well as deriving practical tools such as Employer Toolkits.

OSC has researched a range of GCC human capital issues, including:

  • HR in the GCC – the largest-ever study into HR best-practice in the Middle East
  • Building National Talent
  • Maximising the Employment of Saudi Females
  • Women’s Employment in the GCC
  • Gulf Arab Management Style