We produce innovative research and insights on human capital challenges that organisations around to world face. We use that research and work with government and private institutions to produce tailored, actionable and measurable solutions for their human capital problems.

How Engagement Improves Workforce Performance

Engagement simultaneously benefits organisations and individuals. It impacts an employee’s effort in organisational settings and so improves productivity and also helps them to enjoy, and be stimulated by, their work.  (Kahn, 1990). Difficult to define Engagement...

What’s Driving Up Germany’s Labour Costs?

Inflation Trepidation Global markets went on a wild ride last week initially fuelled by fears on Monday that average American hourly earnings had increased by 2.9% year-to-date. The next day clamour over labour cost-driven inflation spread to the Eurozone....


HR with Purpose: Future Models of HR

A new report by Henley Business School and Oxford Strategic Consulting (OSC) examined global human capital challenges facing today’s leading organisations and how business leaders can deliver the capabilities needed to achieve outstanding strategic success.

Utilising in-depth interviews with CEOs, C-Suite leaders, Boards and HR professionals, this innovative report identified key trends in the nature of work and discusses implications for the future.

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UAE Employment Report

The results of a major survey of working-age Emiratis, this report analyses the employment views and perceptions of UAE national citizens. Containing up-to-date data on employment preferences of Emirati citizens, the report provides valuable insights for Emiratisation processes, recruitment, retention and development of Emirati nationals.

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Delivering the Future

Following on from our 2012 report, OSC recently completed an updated version that investigates how Universal Service Providers (USPs) in G20 countries contribute to social and economic growth. Our 2016 report explores new industry challenges, defines growth opportunities and establishes metrics for measuring success.

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