Employee Engagement

What’s the value of more engaged employees?
Employee engagement is increasingly described as the next “must have” for corporations and government departments. However, engagement is difficult to define and even more difficult to measure. Many CEOs and HR Directors tell us that it is difficult to measure the actual value they get from engagement programs.
Fortunately for our clients, OSC has the expertise to help in all these areas. Our clients ask us to help them build engagement programs that deliver tangible value, support the strategic needs of the organization, and that can be simply operated and measured.
We start by defining, in simple terms, what engagement means for the organization (every organization is different) and the benefits that higher employee engagement can bring. We always start with the most important drivers – the business strategy, organizational objectives and any current constraints or issues.

Armed with these Engagement Goals, we define:

  • Engagement Measures – simply, the “dimensions” that we will use to assess how engaged employees are.
  • Engagement Levers – the techniques and interventions that we can use to improve each Engagement Measure, which in turn will improve performance against each Engagement Goal.

Together, these elements tell us:

  • What good looks like – our target.
  • How we measure performance against this target.
  • What we do with the results of the measurement.

After defining these, we support clients by:

  • Running ongoing engagement surveys and monitoring changes over time.
  • Delivering engagement workshops.
  • Providing management and employee training.
  • Re-defining performance management processes.
  • Amending talent management processes, especially recruitment and retention frameworks.
  • Supporting leaders to create more engaging leadership styles.