Organisations are increasingly focused on happiness. But the way most organisations understand happiness is wrong. Our research shows that organisations want Active Committed Enthusiasm in their employees. Understanding that this is the end goal is critical to building the right initiatives and measures.

Are you striving for the right kind of Happiness at work?

A lot of HR training and literature defines happiness as contentment. That’s all well and good if you’re merely striving for a sense of bonhomie in the workplace. But if you’re looking for happiness and productivity, you need to establish an active state of happiness.

We call this Active Committed Enthusiasm (ACE), a model of happiness we’ve developed that is more likely to ensure a deeper more sustainable kind of happiness among employees. The ACE model focuses on creating better relationships with colleagues and management, a working environment more suited to the makeup of your workforce and their needs and working practices that merge employee requirements and business targets.

We can help you measure the ACE at your organisation and work with you on how to increase it.

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