Oxford Strategic Consulting provides a range of bespoke research, data analysis and practical implementation services in a range of human capital and strategy areas. From bespoke research and surveys to Labour Marketing Intelligence and Employee Engagement initiatives. We help clients achieve their strategic objectives.

Future Skills

Whether it’s Brexit, the onset of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, changing work patterns or simply staying ahead of the competition, the challenges that businesses face are never-ending. This constant state of flux makes developing a resource strategy an almost impossible task.

We have years of experience researching and advising on international labour markets, industrial and education policy, and talent strategy development.

Labour Market Intelligence

Our Labour Market Intelligence expertise will ensure you gain a strategic advantage, by optimising talent investments, securing future pipelines and supporting location-based investment screening.
We provide detailed data on skills availability, labour market dynamics, IP creation business and education environments. We also deliver detailed, comparative analysis of international labour markets, political economies and talent investment.

Employee Happiness and Engagement

The importance of employee engagement is nothing new, but some organisations struggle to establish, maintain and measure engagement and happiness.

We’ve been helped a number of our clients develop better employee engagement by establishing an Active State of Happiness (ACE).


HR with Purpose: Future Models of HR

A new report by Henley Business School and Oxford Strategic Consulting (OSC) examined global human capital challenges facing today’s leading organisations and how business leaders can deliver the capabilities needed to achieve outstanding strategic success.

Utilising in-depth interviews with CEOs, C-Suite leaders, Boards and HR professionals, this innovative report identified key trends in the nature of work and discusses implications for the future.

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UAE Employment Report

The results of a major survey of working-age Emiratis, this report analyses the employment views and perceptions of UAE national citizens. Containing up-to-date data on employment preferences of Emirati citizens, the report provides valuable insights for Emiratisation processes, recruitment, retention and development of Emirati nationals.

Read the full report in English

Read the full report in Arabic

Delivering the Future

Following on from our 2012 report, OSC recently completed an updated version that investigates how Universal Service Providers (USPs) in G20 countries contribute to social and economic growth. Our 2016 report explores new industry challenges, defines growth opportunities and establishes metrics for measuring success.

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