Clients need to future-proof their talent pipeline, screen talent investments and define data-driven talent strategies. We can help.

Be ready for tomorrow

Whether it’s Brexit, the onset of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, changing work patterns or simply staying ahead of the competition, the challenges that businesses face are never-ending. This constant state of flux makes developing a resource strategy an almost impossible task.

We have years of experience researching and advising on international labour markets, industrial and education policy, and talent strategy development.

Combining data and strategic insight to create a clearer picture

Our Future Skills Strategy services dovetail neatly with a number of other areas of expertise to create a holistic suite of trusted data and insights. When researching and developing a strategy we also draw on our expertise in:

  • Labour Market Intelligence
  • Political Economy Advice
  • Wider Talent Research

Practical actions to build the skills you need

We have a range of practical services that help clients define the skills they need to deliver future business, product and technology strategy, including:

  • Future Skills Catalogue. Bridging the gap between operational, technological and HR worlds to define the skills required to develop, operate and maintain next-generation assets, products, services and business models
  • Future workforce planning. Estimating specific skill needs and volumes based on current activities and future strategy
  • Future skills strategy. Defining a 5-15 year strategy and roadmap for large-volume hiring – building future executive, operational and R&D talent, futureproofing the current skills base and responsibly managing stranded assets
  • Future skills dataset. Creating a bespoke, maintained dataset of future-skills talent availability

Get in touch and find out we can help you develop your resource strategy.


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