Global Talent Intelligence

Leading organisations constantly search for the talent that will differentiate them tomorrow as well as the best talent to serve today’s needs. Oxford Strategic Consulting (OSC) works with global organisations to provide Global Talent Mapping, Talent Intelligence and Mobilisation Support. Download our ‘Global Talent Intelligence’ expertise brochure.

Global Talent Mapping

The Global Talent Mapping service offered by OSC provides clients with detailed information on skills volume, cost, quality, movement and many other factors anywhere in the world. Using a combination of global labour data, forensic market analysis and in-country expertise, we show our clients exactly how they can locate the talent they need to resource their investments, secure strategic skills, optimise their cost-base and right-size their operations.

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Global Talent Mapping offers:

  • Extensive labour market and talent data in flexible database or spreadsheet formats
  • Maps and other data visualisation for talent sources, including competitors, suppliers, partners and education establishments
  • Analysis, insights and recommendations tailored specifically to clients’ strategy and plans
  • Details and implications of wider industry and business contexts, such as investment incentives, labour practices, social norms, political, economic and market trends
  • Details of consortia, clusters, centres of excellence and other governmental initiatives that impact talent availability and development

Our Global Talent Mapping service provides clients with critical information needed to determine strategy, optimise operational plans, present to senior stakeholders and make the right decisions.

Talent Intelligence

OSC is regularly hired to address strategic talent questions for corporations, government departments and nations. Whether you need tailored horizon scanning, bespoke research or practical support, OSC has the expertise to help you take advantage of the latest thinking, get ahead of your competition and get the best from your talent – today and in the future.

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Using a combination of bespoke research, continuous horizon scanning and input from our network of academic and industry experts, we help our clients answer critical talent questions, including:

  • What talent will we need tomorrow and where do we find it?
  • What are the leading trends in human resource management?
  • How do we develop our differentiating strategic capabilities (DiSCs) in the future?
  • How do we utilise new techniques and technologies to get the best from our talent?

Our global experts have deep insights into issues such as talent supply and demand, technology and skill trends, labour market economic dynamics, engagement and well-being and many others in a wide range of industries and geographies.

Mobilisation Support

Entering new markets presents great opportunities, but it also brings complexity and risk. With hands-on experience in a variety of global markets, OSC first helps clients understand the social, cultural, economic and political landscape of a given market. Then we work with clients to develop detailed mobilisation and start-up plans.

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We support clients during market identification, exploration, planning and start-up stages, developing detailed insights into the practical considerations and the realities of doing business.

With expertise and contacts spanning across the globe, OSC has the deep local knowledge to assist clients aiming to enter any new market. Our expert researchers draw on data from Capital IQ, Bloomberg, Eurostat, national investment and trade agencies, and on-the-ground sources. Moreover, our team members maintain formal affiliations with leading academic institutions, like the Said Business School at the University of Oxford.

Other Expertise

Future of Work

New technologies and legal frameworks are radically changing organisations and their people – creating new challenges and opportunities to differentiate.

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Well-being, Happiness and Engagement

Leaders in governments and organisations are increasingly aware of an obligation to maximise the well-being, happiness and engagement of their citizens and staff.

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