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We believe that effective HR functions contribute to better organisation performance. Better HR helps organisations optimise their Human Capital to efficiently achieve strategic goals, create a more loyal and engaged workforce, and develop the differentiating capabilities they need to maintain competitive advantage.

Our HR Consulting teams combine the latest knowledge from our research activities with real-world experience and a hands-on approach. We implement practical and sustainable improvements within HR departments and in the wider organisation to deliver tangible business outcomes.

Oxford Strategic Consulting differs from other consultancies in the following key areas:

  • Real-world HR experience – all our senior consultants have operational HR leadership experience in leading global and GCC organisations. Our clients know that we have “been in their shoes” and we speak from practical experience, which allows us to deliver better results and build credibility and trust.
  • Implementation-focus – in the words of a client HR Director “we know we can trust your strategies and plans because you want to implement them”. Our clients know that we go beyond paper, implement a full end-to-end service, and transfer knowledge at the same time.
  • Research – we use the latest thinking and insights from our continuing research to inform and drive our consulting solutions.
  • Specialist expertise – we are recognised as having the largest centres of expertise in areas such as nationalisation, HR effectiveness, change management, female employment, GCC market entry and mobilisation.
  • Tailored approach – our experience and attitude allows us to select from many different models and methods. Our clients know we don’t use cookie-cutters, and that we will help them implement the best solutions for their specific situation and goals. Our clients tell us this is different. To us, it’s business as usual.
  • Flexibility and long-term view – we believe that better relationships mean better business. We aim for long-term client relationships, and we recognise that needs and circumstances change, especially on longer projects. Our clients know that we have the expertise and attitude to be flexible in response to their needs.

Please contact us for further details about any of our services, and we will be happy to help.

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