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Oxford Strategic Consulting defines employee engagement as the extent to which employees feel committed to their job, and we often refer to engagement as ‘active enthusiasm’. Our extensive research into employee engagement shows that around 40% of engagement is directly caused by an employee’s line manager. Another 40% is due to the individual’s own learned tendency towards optimism and positivism. Interestingly, only around 10% of engagement is due to organisational factors.

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Engagement, or active enthusiasm, can deliver major benefits for organisations. For example, the top 25% of companies with the most engaged people produced twice as much profit and 22% higher shareholder returns than companies with the least engaged people.

OSC can help to ensure that your organisation enjoys the full benefits from a more engaged workforce. Combining our research expertise and our practical HR experience, we translate insights from in-depth interviews and surveys into measures and interventions that improve how leaders, managers and HR departments drive engagement – in a sustainable and effective manner.

Whether your organisation has a specific engagement issue, wants to benchmark against UK or GCC best-practice, or seeks to build greater ‘active enthusiasm’ among employees, OSC has the research expertise and practical experience to help.


  • Engagement strategy
  • Engagement action planning
  • Engagement surveys
  • Bespoke research
  • Well-being and happiness workshops
  • iLeader app
  • Engagement skills for leader and managers
Case Study

Oxford conducted an employee engagement survey for a major GCC government entity. The survey, conducted in Arabic and English, asked approximately 18,000 employees from more than 30 departments to rate their workplace satisfaction and engagement on a number of key metrics. Oxford then helped the government entity to interpret the survey results, benchmark employee engagement internally and identify best-practice within governmental departments.

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