HR Review

Today’s organisations operate in an increasing dynamic and competitive global environment. The most successful organisations tend to be innovative, creative and agile. HR Strategy is the enabler of these critical elements within an organisation. Therefore, defining an HR strategy is a key step in ensuring that HR functions both meet the needs of the business and support the commercial and competitive objectives of the organisation. There is no one-size-fits-all HR Strategy. Instead, an HR Strategy depends entirely on the specific needs of organisation.

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Oxford starts every consulting project by fully understanding the business objectives of each client. Only then do we work with HR teams and executives to develop an HR Strategy that makes sense for their organisation. By spending time with key stakeholders to understand their unique business needs, our consultants are better positioned to work with the HR leadership to define approaches in each critical element of the HR delivery process.

Our strategies are designed for implementation because we aim to deliver. Oxford consultants are former HR Directors and organisational leaders that have years of experience designing and implementing practical, effective and efficient HR Strategies and services. Continual knowledge transfer ensures that our clients fully understand a new strategy and are prepared to take implementation into their own hands. Yet clients often ask us to help implement the HR Strategy, and we thrive on providing this practical, hands-on support throughout the implementation process.


  • People Management strategy
  • People Management processes
  • Upskilling the HR team
  • Practical tool kits & user guides
  • Job description writing tutorials
  • Coaching key team members
  • Aligning resources to changing market conditions
  • Defining Differentiating Strategic Capabilities (DiSCs)
Case Study

One of the fastest growing medical equipment distributors in Saudi Arabia found that its pace of growth was placing increasing pressure on the HR department and that the existing HR infrastructure was no longer allowing the Executive to efficiently execute strategy. Oxford Strategic Consulting performed an end-to-end HR review, recommended HR improvements to support strategy and growth, and to set out a practical timed and costed change plan. After the review, we implemented our recommended change plan over 15 months and have since been retained to provide an interim Chief HR Officer.

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