Governments and organisations across the GCC recognise the need for better approaches to nationalisation in order to get the best from their national talent. However standard approaches to talent sourcing, recruitment, management, development and retention are often not best suited to the specific strengths an expectations of nationals. With fierce competition for the same limited pool of top nationals, many organisations struggle to attract and retain the local employees.


Oxford Strategic Consulting research found that organisations tend to misunderstand the motivations and employment preferences of GCC nationals. For example, Oxford’s annual GCC Employment Reports and similar research reports conducted for BP revealed that Emirati and Omani job-seekers are most motivated by ‘helping the country’ and ‘contributing to society’. However, GCC employers overwhelmingly believed that nationals were motivated by money.

Leveraging our research insights, we help clients attract and retain more nationals, provide better careers for nationals and better utilise the human capabilities of their national workforce. We define clear nationalisation strategies and implement integrated national-specific talent programmes and HR processes.

At every stage we ensure that the new methods align closely with national culture, the particular strengths of nationals and the organisation’s goals and values. Each project is driven through our unique combination of leading-edge research, hands-on experience and practical attitude.


  • Nationalisation strategies and feasibility studies
  • National-specific HR and talent processes
  • Building nationalisation departments
  • National-specific employee value propositions
  • Cultural understanding programmes
  • Executive development programmes
  • Benchmarking nationalisation progress
  • Thought leadership research
Case Study

Oxford Strategic Consulting developed a flagship 3 year National Talent Development strategy and roadmap for a leading GCC telecommunications company. We first produced a detailed and comprehensive national talent development strategy covering all aspects of people and talent management. After successfully presenting the strategy to the VP HR and Group CEO, our consultants supported the organisation with implementation. Due to the strength of our relationship, we are now reviewing the HR departments of several of the organisation’s operating companies worldwide.

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