Performance & Reward

In a competitive global business environment driven by human capital, improving Performance & Reward processes within an organisation is critical to attract top talent. Similarly, existing high performers must be identified and rewarded accordingly in order for an organisation to develop strong, long-term retention capabilities.

Properly designing these important policies and processes will not only increase employee engagement but also support succession planning. Moreover, effective Performance & Reward policies reduce staff turnover and decrease recruitment costs.

Oxford works with HR teams and senior management to help clients identify Performance & Reward issues and implement best-practice solutions. In this way, Oxford continually transfers knowledge to the client HR team – ensuring that once Oxford leaves, the client understands the logic, theory and practical manner in which new policies are written and implemented.


  • Policy and procedure review
  • Reviewing job grades
  • Rationalising salary structure
  • Realigning employee remuneration
  • Establishing scoring and grading system
  • Benchmarking salaries and benefits
  • Producing salary ranges
Case Study

Oxford Strategic Consulting undertook a comprehensive review of the Performance & Reward policies and processes for a major Saudi client in the oil & gas sector. Oxford then drafted revised policies, conducted a series of workshops on the importance of effective Performance Management and implemented key process improvements. The policy review and improvements enabled the client to develop its human capital in a logical manner, reward people appropriately and better identify both high performers and high potential employees.

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