When it comes to investing in new operations, expanding into new territories and future-proofing your talent pipeline, the decisions you make are only as good as the insight you use to make them.

Analysis & Intelligence

Our Labour Market Intelligence expertise will ensure you gain a strategic advantage, by optimising talent investments, securing future pipelines and supporting location-based investment screening.
We provide detailed data on skills availability, labour market dynamics, IP creation business and education environments. We also deliver detailed, comparative analysis of international labour markets, political economies and talent investment.

Global insight, local application

Our labour market and geopolitical economy experts cover most territories. We have a trusted local analyst network and contacts within industry, government and investment communities. Our network covers:

  • China
  • Middle East
  • Central and Eastern Europe
  • United Kingdom
  • United States

Business Environment Analysis

  • Business, investment, education and other national and international policy environments relating to client’s strategic and investment goals
  • Labour, education, investment and operation regulations and practices
  • Working culture and practice audit – including comparison with home culture
  • Employment and trade bodies review – including unions and workers councils
  • Investment organisations and industry clusters
  • Centres of IP generation and overall IP generation level
  • Recommendations on organisational and investment structures and opportunities, including investment screening and partner vetting

Labour Market Intelligence

  • Skills availability – including analysis of demand vs. supply forecasts at different skill levels, levels of attrition, local and international labour movements
  • Talent source mapping – analysis and mapping of major sources of new entrants and experienced hires, including talent hotspots, employers in client and kindred industries, education establishments, analysis of commuter belts
  • Labour costs, including mandatory on costs and uplifts, local norms e.g. bonuses and allowances
  • Labour quality and productivity, including GVA, length of service, attrition
  • Labour force demographics, including age, gender, nationality
  • Location screening and industry/education partnership opportunities

We make strategic, data-driven recommendations our clients trust.

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