OSC Chairman publishes chapter in Springer book on Business and Society in the Middle East

William Scott-Jackson, Chairman of Oxford Strategic Consulting (OSC), and Jonathan Michie, Professor at Oxford University’s Kellogg College, published a chapter on the Gulf Arab Leadership Style in a recent book by Springer. The book, titled Business and Society in the Middle East: Exploring Responsible Business Practices, serves as part of Palgrave’s Studies in Governance, Leadership and Responsibility series.

The chapter reports the results from interviews conducted with 50 senior corporate leaders across the countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC). These interviews suggest that there is a distinctive ‘Gulf Arab leadership style’.

The chapter argues that a GCC specific Human Resource Management (HRM) system or model needs to be contingent upon this distinctive leadership style. To be effective, HRM policies and practices need to be crafted and implemented to go with the grain of these cultural factors. The same conclusion applies to attempts to professionalize HRM in the region, where HRM standards and certifications need to be consistent with an appropriate, contingent HRM model.

The book and individual chapters are available for purchase on Springer’s website.