Oxford Strategic Consulting is renowned for innovative research across the UK, the US, Europe and the Middle East.

Through our cutting-edge research, we address the key strategic priorities of commercial organisations and government bodies.

Our in-house research team and global network of industry practitioners and academics specialise in quantitative and qualitative research techniques, financial modelling, stakeholder interviews and expert analysis.

This powerful combination allows us to uncover new insights for business and government leaders across a wide range of topics in the following categories:

Unlike other research providers, we have developed a proven methodology to generate new perspectives, new insights and new solutions which clients use to transform their organisations, contribute to society and generate top-level publicity.

Our research is quoted globally in leading publications such as The Economist, BBC World Service, Bloomberg Businessweek, People Management Magazine and other media outlets across Europe and the Middle East. View our press & media appearances here.

Clients utilise our research for:

  • In a fast-changing world, the nature of work, industry trends and talent needs are constantly evolving. Access to new information about the evolution of work is powerful and represents a competitive advantage for organisations. OSC provides key insights to ensure that our clients can resolve the pressing problems of today and take advantage of tomorrow’s opportunities. Learn more…

  • Oxford Strategic Consulting works with government leaders to improve policy, solve big-picture problems and assess critical initiatives. OSC functions as a research partner by providing external expertise, new perspectives and innovative thinking. In this way, our research equips government leaders with the intelligence needed to solve their toughest issues. Learn more…

  • Oxford Strategic Consulting provides advanced thinking and robust research on the next generation of HR and people management issues. Given the evolving nature of work, OSC equips clients with the strategic thinking and tools needed to succeed in an uncertain future and maximise the potential of their talent. Learn more…

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