Commercial Research

In a fast-changing world, the nature of work, industry trends and talent needs are constantly evolving. Access to new information about the evolution of work represents a competitive advantage for our clients and their organisations.

Commercial Intelligence

Achieving competitive differentiation for your organisation

Senior business and government leaders hire us to solve big problems, evaluate the feasibility of critical initiatives, define forward strategy and map a clear path through uncertainty.

Our strong industry and academic networks and a wide variety of global data sources allow us to deliver clear, impactful recommendations. Further, we increase impact with decision-makers and key stakeholders by using powerful data visualisation, attractive design and different reporting styles appropriate to each audience.

Industry Futures 

Industry trends, forecasts and insights to inform your strategy and planning

Business and government leaders engage OSC to identify the trends, drivers and issues that will shape the future of an industry, as well as identifying current trends and best practices. As part of our research, we regularly define new benchmarks, frameworks and classifications to help our clients make sense of new, uncertain and changing markets.

For bespoke projects intended for a client’s internal use, we map closely to the client’s strategy and critical success factors to provide focused, direction-setting findings and recommendations. For industry surveys intended for promotion to the public or industry group, we ensure the messages are clear and relevant.

Market Entry & Mobilisation

Reducing risk to maximise your opportunities

Entering new markets presents great opportunities, but it also brings complexity and risk. With hands-on experience in a variety of global markets, OSC first helps clients understand the social, cultural, economic and political landscape of a given market. Then we work with clients to develop detailed mobilisation and start-up plans.

We support clients during market identification, exploration, planning and start-up stages, developing detailed insights into the practical considerations and the realities of doing business.

    • Feasibility Studies
    • Impact Assessments
    • Benefits Realisation Studies
    • Industry Benchmarks
    • Mobilisation Plans
    • Delivering the Future – investigating the future of the Global Postal Industry
    • Economic Diversification – strategic market analyses for Middle East governments
    • Automotive Technology Futures – investigating the impact of autonomous driving
    • Growth Impact Studies – analysing social changes in fast-growth societies
  • OSC was selected by Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) to review pressing and future engineering and R&D skill needs and to undertake a global search for leading centres of emergent technology and talent. The challenge set by JLR was for OSC to identify the technologies and skills required to drive growth over the next 5-10 years and to determine how JLR could globally position itself to tap into cutting-edge sources of innovation and talent worldwide. Using its specialist knowledge and insights on Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) technologies, OSC researched international industry trends, competitor and supplier operations, interviewed industry and government officials and conducted extensive analyses of labour market and business data, shedding new light on labour cost, productivity and intellectual property considerations. This resulted in fresh perspectives on future skill needs and comprehensive investment screening of prospective engineering and R&D locations. With OSC’s input, JLR was able to comprehensively prepare for the future, understand precisely the skills it needed and assess the comparative desirability of talent locations.

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