Government Research

Oxford Strategic Consulting works with government leaders to improve policy, solve big-picture problems and assess critical initiatives. By providing external expertise, new perspectives and innovative thinking, our research equips government leaders with the intelligence needed to solve their toughest issues.

Evidence-based Policy Making

Generating better policy through evidence and thought leadership

Governments increasingly recognise how robust research can inform and improve policy making. Well-designed research studies can improve the quality of up-front information during policy formulation and also evaluate post-implementation policy impact and effectiveness.

OSC is regularly called on by executive, legislature and service delivery functions of international governments to design and deliver research programmes across many aspects of social, economic and industrial policy.

Using robust quantitative and qualitative analysis, we help governments identify issues, refine direction, uncover new considerations and confirm policy needs. Our policy advisory reports are held as best-in-class exemplars by several governments internationally, and we are praised for our quality, speed, accuracy and clarity.

    • Policy Formation and Advisory
    • Feasibility Studies
    • Internal Research Department Support
    • Increasing Research Effectiveness
    • Intelligence Training
    • Social and workplace policy research and advisory for the UK Government
    • Global industry benchmarking and forecasting for a US public body
    • National infrastructure policy and service delivery research and advisory
    • Socio-economic policy research and advisory for a Middle East government
    • Economic diversification research and advisory for a Middle East government
  • OSC assisted a central policy unit in a major Gulf government to gather and analyse evidence to support more effective policy formulation and to define the key national capabilities required to successfully implement the policy. Using a combination of international best-practice research, quantitative surveys statistical analysis, and international academic expert input, OSC presented clear recommendations tailored to a range of government and key private sector stakeholder groups to facilitate clear decision-making, understanding, and communication. OSC was selected for its unique ability to define new solutions and practical ways forward, and for its unique access to a global network of experts and data sources.

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