Innovative approaches to workforce and skills development are transforming how organisations acquire and develop talent for the future. Increasingly, organisations are building skills ecosystems beyond the borders of their organisation to meet the challenges of new market and policy developments.

Time to burst your skills bubble.

The concept of a skills ecosystem is alien to many corporations, especially in the UK and US. Our industrial history, government policy and our prevailing corporate culture lead us to view anyone outside the organisation as a competitor or arms-length supplier and to see government involvement as unwelcome or ineffective.

Consequently, we tend to build skills by ourselves – great for competitive differentiation and ‘survival of the fittest’ rapid innovation, not so good for responding en masse to rapid economic and skills changes – driven by the fourth industrial revolution or Brexit.

Corporations can draw useful lessons from other political-economy models, including central Europe, Japan, Korea and others.

You can build long-term talent pipelines and future-proof skills by introducing:
• Skills-building collaborations
• Supplier clustering
• R&D hubs
• Co-funded vocational training

Coordinated skills building and transfer across supply chains can improve standards and quality, create security of talent supply and deliver solid ROI.

Leading corporations on the UK are only just beginning to investigate these options and explore other. Clients are drawing on our political economy and labour market research expertise to build competitive advantage through Blue Ocean Talent Strategy. At the same time, industry bodies and government policymakers are consulting with us on industry-wide skills-building measures, industrial and fiscal policy levers and national talent development initiatives.

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