Oxford Strategic Consulting carried out an extremely thorough, credible and effective research project with great efficiency, which has benefited BP in the Middle East Region and the countries within which it operates.

bp-logo They carried out extensive interviews across all areas of Oman and the UAE in Arabic and English, uncovering new and revealing information about young nationals’ real motivations and aspirations and the mismatches between employers’ efforts and the real needs of the young. A series of public presentations by the team and published reports revealed a series of surprising and valuable conclusions over a period of several months. They generated a high level of interest over a sustained period at all levels of society, including senior government levels, and the BP Middle East Region was pleased to be involved in such a high profile project seen as adding real value to the societies within which it operates.” Oliver Broad, Marketing Director, BP EMEA

OSC quickly deployed a best-practice outsourced recruitment support service that was aligned to our requirements. Having access to a flexible and scalable “switch on, switch off” recruitment support service helped us meet our bulk recruitment needs without carrying unnecessary payroll cost. Without OSC’s outsourced recruitment support service, we would have found it difficult to deliver the resource required to stand-up and provide academic direct delivery across several vocational training colleges.

From an HR Director’s point of view, OSC have proved that they understood our needs and, equally important, the needs of candidates. They presented a professional image of TQ to all the candidates and managed the whole process expertly. I was, and continue to be delighted with the way OSC delivered the outsourced recruitment support service.” Steve Blount, HR Director Middle East, TQ

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