Well-being, Happiness and Engagement

Leaders in governments and organisations are increasingly aware of an obligation to maximise the well-being, happiness and engagement of their citizens and staff. A fully engaged citizenry or staff with high levels of well-being is a key factor in strategic national or organisational success, which may itself result in a greater sense of national or organisational well-being – a virtuous cycle. Download our ‘Well-being, Happiness & Engagement’ expertise brochure.

Challenge confronting CEOs and government leaders

How do leaders move from esoteric, well-meaning theories to delivering real, positive, enduring change in their organisations or societies?

Many leaders wrongly try to drive engagement by using tools and methods that lead to ‘contentment’. But organisations do not want contentment – it leads to stagnation, under-performance and a lack of innovation. Organisations need a new way to deliver well-being, happiness and engagement in a way that drives sustainable performance, productivity and innovation.

How OSC can help your organisation

Our tools and methods to develop Active Committed Enthusiam (ACE) enable government and organisational leaders to help their citizens and staff, improve overall quality of life and achieve significant improvements in targeted outcomes. Our ACE toolkit comprises:

  • The Process for Active Committed Enthusiasm: OSC leads workshops to construct viable frameworks to implement PACE, ensuring that the specific process is tailored for an organisation’s context and the major causes are modified cost-effectively.
  • iLeader: Creating instant leaders able to engage their teams effectively by providing tools for tasks that leaders find difficult, important and time-consuming. iLeader also provides leaders with daily feedback from teams. Visit the iLeader website.
  • nfooze: Helping staff become more enthusiastic by guiding them to develop optimistic outlooks through 21st century attribution style and positive psychology.

Our Latest Books

OSC Chairman, Professor William Scott-Jackson, has published two books on well-being, engagement and happiness with Palgrave. Redefining Well-being in Nations and Organisations offers a multi-disciplinary approach to well-being and engagement, while Transforming Engagement, Happiness and Well-being provides a set of tools for leaders to enthuse their people.

Learn more about our unique intellectual property

OSC has developed new intellectual property to help CEOs and government leaders achieve competitive advantage whilst creating engaging workplaces, improving well-being and meeting other targets. Our tools and methods to develop Active Committed Enthusiasm (ACE) turn unfocused concepts into firm drivers of performance and growth.

For example, our Process for Active Committed Enthusiasm (PACE) ensures initiatives have impact and deliver strategic outcomes, identifies the key intervention levers and allows benefits measurement. Interestingly, our research indicated that the highest impact comes from an individual’s attribution style.

Our research also shows that the most significant causes of active committed enthusiasm are the person’s own propensity for enthusiasm and the behaviour of their immediate leader. Focusing on these causes can produce major benefits for the public and private sectors. For example, employees who are most committed to their organisations expend 57% more effort and are 87% less likely to resign than employees who are disengaged.

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